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FE Analytix helps you
identify key business trends.

Executive Snapshot

At quick glance, see how your business performed yesterday, month to date, quarter to date and year to date.

Last 30 Days Performance

See how the last 30 days performance have trended to see the relationship between increased spend and sales.

Sequential & YoY Growth

Understand the story and identify why your are improving sequentially (month / month) and compare to last year's performance.

“Funnel Efficiency has really helped our clients stay up to date on their latest business trends and KPIs. Our clients love their daily automated executive dashboards.”
Anna Lewis
President & COO at Intelsio
“The Funnel Efficiency team really took the time to understand our business needs and built a robust dashboard to help us understand where our most efficient traffic is coming from.”
George Armistead
CEO at ReelCall

Month to Date Snapshot

Understand your current month's performance at a glance.

Users by Channel
Get the true breakdown of where your website traffic is coming from by channel/medium.
Average Order Value (AOV) For Ecommerce
See which channels/mediums are driving the highest order value (average value of shopping cart).
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
See which channels/mediums are more profitable than others in our easy to read snapshot.

Year over Year Analysis

Look at all your key business metrics to see if you are trending in the right direction or if there are headwinds.

Cost Per Click (CPC)
Understand how the auctions are impacting how much you are paying per click in Google, Bing, etc.
Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM)
See how much it costs you to serve 1k ads and compare to last year and last month.
Revenue vs Spend
See if your level of investment in spend is yielding higher revenue or not, compared to last year.

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