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We'll connect your data

Funnel Efficiency integrates with 500+ business apps and platforms.

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Centralized Performance

Funnel Efficiency creates a centralized performance dashboard with all your key business metrics.

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Automate & Optimize

Receive automated daily updates so you can make smarter business decisions faster.

Our customers love FE Analytix

"Funnel Efficiency has really helped our clients stay up to date on their latest business trends and KPIs. Our clients love their daily automated executive dashboards."
Anna Lewis
President & COO at Intelsio
"The Funnel Efficiency team really took the time to understand our business needs and built a robust dashboard to help us understand where our most efficient traffic is coming from."
George Armistead
CEO at ReelCall

Know your audience

At a quick glance, simply see which customers are generating the most revenue by channel/medium.

Visualize business trends

Understand key business trends from a month over month and year over year perspective.

Your outsourced business analytics team that can save you thousands.

Save on headcount

Avoid the headache on hiring, training, and development. Reinvest your savings into scaling your business.

Save on time

No more pulling individual reports from each platform and merging them in your excel. No more formula errors and circular references.

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